Laminated PVCLaminated PVC
The Materials for Safety, Bouncy and FUN!!

Q: Why the material of a Bouncy Castle is so important in rental or carnival applications?
In a party or carnival, number of kids can be from 10+ or even 100+, kid's/players' weight varies and forces sometimes unpredictable. Regarding these, bouncer's material must be not only strong enough but also have much extra strength to prevent from failure. As if any failure happens, it would be dangerous under this situation.

Q: What materials are currently in the market?
Two main materials currently adopted. Cloth Material and  Laminated PVC.

Cloth Material: Compact, Very light weight, so easy to store and transport. But it is not strong enough and dangerous for rental use, so it is restricted to HOME-USE-GRADE bouncers only. This type bouncer is very popular in USA or UK home, and can be easily purchased from Wal-mart or amazon.. etc. If you want one yourselves at home, this is your choice!

Laminated PVC: Heavy and large size, costs much higher. Strength x10 times stronger than cloth material. More elastic. This is the specific material used for rental-grade or carnival bouncer for which tailor-made required.  It can meet the tough demand and ensure SAFETY! Also it is more bouncy to deliver more fun!

Q: How to find out which type is it?
Cloth Material type are so light that one hand can lift it easily. It usually come with a very colorful carton box as it is for home use market. If you look more carefully, the warning label on the bouncer clearly stated "NOT SUITABLE for hiring or commercial use" or some wordings like this.

Safety First! Choose Laminated PVC

P.S. Cloth Material + Laminated PVC mixed in a bouncer is even more dangerous, due to the tension concentration effect.

Laminated PVC type is much heavier and larger size, for example: 3.0 L x 2.4 W m bouncer: PVC 60Ib vs Cloth 18Ib only. Also staff needed to be trained for bouncer setup and take-down.

Q: What else benefits from Laminated PVC bouncer?
Much easier for cleaning and desinfection process, as the Laminated PVC smooth and waterproof surface
- Player's capacity: more kids in one time.
- Weight limit higher: Kid's Ages range wider.

Q: What materials being used in TOYSLAND?
100% Laminated PVC being used in all our bouncers. Our first priority is Safety of your kids.